What do drug interactions mean?

Every time you take more than one medicine or even mix it with several foods, beverages, or over-the-counter medications, you have a risk of a drug interaction. Most drug interactions are not significant, but a few are, it is vital to know the possible outcomes of interactions before you take any medication. Drug-to-drug interactions TheRead More

The Mechanical Force of T Cells Utilized in Novel Cancer-fighting Technique.

Introduction EPFL scientists have announced a cancer treatment method that destroys tumor cells using our bodies’ own T cells’ mechanical force. They have just concluded proof of concept for their novel immunotherapy plan. Immunotherapy is a promising weapon in battling cancer. Immunotherapy has proven its track record. It has come out to be much moreRead More

A Comprehensive Guide to Clove Cigarettes

Clove Cigarettes Clove cigarettes are considered the best alternative to traditional cigarettes. In some countries and regions, clove cigarettes are favored as “kreteks.” Even though these cigarettes are used all over the world, their toxicity is still a subject of debate. Some people claim that clove cigarettes are far safer than regular ones, while othersRead More

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