Ambien: Details about the Medication

Ambien: Details about the Medication

What is Ambien?

Ambien, also known by its generic name zolpidem, is a prescription sedative medication used to treat insomnia and help individuals get a restful night’s sleep.

Ambien comes in two forms: immediate-release tablets, which help users fall asleep quickly, and extended-release tablets (Ambien CR), which help users stay asleep for a longer duration.

Both versions of Ambien work by balancing chemicals in the brain that may be causing sleep disturbances. Your doctor will determine which form of Ambien is best suited for your specific condition.

Important Information

Using Ambien can lead to severe allergic reactions. If you experience signs of an allergic reaction such as difficulty breathing, swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, seek immediate medical attention.

It is important not to share Ambien with others, even if they have similar symptoms. The recommended dosage of zolpidem differs for men and women and is not suitable for children.

Ambien may impair your reactions and thinking, especially if you take the extended-release version. It is advised to wait at least four hours or until fully awake before engaging in activities that require alertness.

Avoid consuming alcohol before or during the use of Ambien.

What to know before taking Ambien?

Some individuals may engage in activities such as eating, walking, driving, making phone calls, or having sex while under the influence of Ambien without any recollection afterward. If this occurs, it is important to discontinue the use of the drug and consult a healthcare professional for alternative treatments.

Avoid using Ambien if you are allergic to the medication or if you have lactose intolerance, as the tablets contain lactose.

Ambien is not suitable for individuals under the age of 18.

Prior to taking Ambien, inform your doctor if you have or have had any of the following conditions: liver or kidney disease, sleep apnea, breathing problems or lung disease, alcohol or drug addiction, mental illness, depression, or suicidal thoughts.

Using Ambien during the final trimester of pregnancy may cause drowsiness or breathing problems in newborns. Consult a healthcare professional before breastfeeding while using this medication.

How to take Ambien?

Take Ambien exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Follow the instructions on the prescription label and avoid taking larger doses or using it for a longer duration than recommended.

It is important to read the medication guide, instruction sheets, and patient information provided with Ambien. If you have any questions, consult your pharmacist or doctor.

Ambien has the potential to be habit-forming, leading to addiction, overdose, or even death. It is illegal to sell or distribute this medication.

Avoid taking Ambien if you do not have 7-8 hours available for sleep, as it may cause excessive drowsiness and difficulty concentrating throughout the day.

Ambien should only be used for short-term treatment. If insomnia symptoms do not improve or worsen after 7 to 10 nights of use, consult your healthcare provider. Do not use this medication for more than 4-5 weeks unless directed by your doctor.

If you have been using Ambien for an extended period, do not stop taking it abruptly, as this may result in withdrawal symptoms. Consult your doctor to gradually reduce the dosage when discontinuing the treatment.

After stopping Ambien, sleep disorder symptoms may return and could be worse than before. Contact your doctor if you experience worsened insomnia in the first few nights after discontinuing the medication.

Avoid crushing, chewing, or breaking Ambien CR tablets, as this can lead to severe side effects.

Ambien dosage

The effective dosage of Ambien can be influenced by various factors, including the type of insomnia being treated, age, sex, form of medication (immediate-release or extended-release), and other medical conditions.

Typically, doctors start with the lowest effective dose and may increase it if necessary. The typical dosage of Ambien is as follows:

  • Initial dose: 5mg for women and 5mg to 10mg for men
  • Take the pill immediately before bedtime
  • The doctor may increase the dose to 10mg per day if the initial dose is insufficient
  • The maximum daily dose is 10mg


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